The Open Genre Writers' Group was created to bring Australian writers in all writing genres together, to help each other write and market our projects. We work through Writing NSW and all members require current memberships of Writing NSW.

  • We promote a spirit of collegial support, and we ensure this is fostered and promoted at each meeting.
  • Presenting our work is a moment of vulnerability and pride. We give respectful, supportive and constructive feedback, understanding what the writer is trying to achieve, and include points for improvement that encourages each writer to grow.
  • We endeavour to help each other navigate the process of marketing our projects, using our collective experience.
  • We give as much to the group as we expect to get; and we don't ask for more than we are prepared to give.
  • We respect each other's copyright and privacy. We do not post, modify, distribute, or reproduce copyrighted material, trademarks, rights of publicity or other proprietary rights, without obtaining the prior written consent of the owner of such proprietary rights.

We meet weekly, on a Thursday evening, from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm AEST, on Zoom.

If you're interested in joining and contributing to the group, please send us an email, let us know what you're doing, and we'll invite you to a Zoom meeting.

Our meeting agenda varies according to member needs and we manage the meeting timing. Here's some of the things we do:

  • Read portions of our work, to get immediate feedback, and show members what we're doing.
  • Send the portion of our work, via email, usually after reading, for markup or more considered feedback (optional).
  • Share our thoughts and experiences on writing, marketing and production of our works.
  • Organise to meet in person, where practical, for broader chats and socialising (optional).


Guideline 1: Respectful, Supportive, and Constructive Criticism

The Open Genre Writing Group promotes and represents a supportive, nurturing environment, providing constructive and helpful criticism to every member. Members behave in a manner that is conducive to that aim.

Guideline 2: Quorum

A quorum consists of four people reading. Otherwise the meeting may be cancelled for that week, at the discretion of the convener.

Guideline 3: Meeting Time, Number of Readers, Priority

Meeting time runs from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm AEST every Thursday. Each reader is given twenty minutes to read and receive supportive critique from the other group members. This will usually result in seven possible readers on any one night, although more may be accommodated if one or more readers don't use their full time. Priority goes to a member who needs to read for a particular reason, for example, a competition or a publisher’s deadline. A person who misses out on reading will be the first to read at the next meeting.

Guideline 4: Use of Alloted Time

Each participating member may also choose to use a portion of their twenty minutes to share writing news and updates or share the inspirational work/quotes of other writers.

Guideline 5: Disruptive and Inappropriate Behaviour

Negative, personal, inappropriate comments will not be tolerated. If an individual member behaves inappropriatly, that person will be put on notice via a verbal request by the convener on behalf of the group. Writing NSW will be advised of this action being taken.

Guideline 6: Removal From the Group for Cause (See Guideline 5)

If a member is put on notice, and reoffends, they will be asked to leave the group. This will be in the form of a formal request in writing/email from the convener, acting on behalf of the group. This correspondence will be cc-ed to a representative of Writing NSW.