a week to find the meaning of life

That should tell you Enlightenment is a comedy. For me, the best comedy is simultaneously highly intelligent and completely stupid. I hope you find in Enlightenment a delicious blend of both. - David Staume.

The writers believe this project has the potential to create significant profit, employment, and enjoyment. We believe it can be visually stunning, immensely funny and deeply engaging.

The story in a nutshell

Enlightenment is a story of a young man's desire to understand the world.

To Tom, life is a mystery. He suspects reality is very different to how things appear on the surface, his views more aligned with Hinduism and Buddhism than his cultural Christianity, and he is suspicious of scientific materialism, but can't really say why. He shares his father's spiritual and impractical nature, and his brother's hard materialism is anathema to him. His brother thinks him weak and treats him with sneering condescension. His aunt, who lives a few doors away, is homophobic, racist, and totally self-absorbed, attributes that are also anathema to Tom.

At the death of his father, Tom's brother announces that he will no longer pay the rent, so Tom will soon be homeless. He goads Tom to leave and find the meaning of life, like the Buddha, in a month. Tom stupidly accepts the challenge, leaving him with two alternatives: success (which you'd have to say is rather unlikely) or a humiliating return, something that he would rather die than subject himself to.

A desperate Tom finally finds a Guru, Yuthumi, who reluctantly takes him as a student, because 'even if it's excruciating, it's only a month'. Then Tom announces to the guru, 'actually it's a week, because I've wasted some time'. Yuthumi responds, 'Then I will take you as my student on one condition. If you fail to achieve enlightenment, there will be no talk of suicide. I will kill you myself'.

And we're off and running with a ticking clock.

The Writer

David Staume is a member of the Australian Writers' Guild and the NSW Writer's Centre, and runs a web production company.

He is the author of four published works of creative non-fiction, two published through Llewellyn (USA) and two through Agio Publishing (Canada).

David's goal is to make the profound profoundly funny.

He lives in Sydney, Australia.

The Composer

Jonathan Dimond is University-educated in the fields of Classical music and Jazz / Improvisation.

Jonathan's qualifications are numerous. He has so many Bachelors, Masters and PhDs that he has more letters after his name than in it.

Jonathan has also undergone training in North Indian classical music in Pune, India.

He lives in Melbourne, Australia.

I've just finished reading/singing my way through your musical ... I loved it!

Tom is so likeable, Godfrey is so despicable and everyone has an Aunty Phyllis.

Your imagination has no boundaries - you entertained me, you made me laugh out-loud!

Louise Bishop-Klopper

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